Clips N' Snips is a professional grooming salon with over 20 years of combined experience and knowledge in the pet industry. Our professional staff is academy trained, and AKC salon safety certified to provide the utmost best service to your furbaby. We specialized in breed cuts, hand scissor cuts, modified cuts and handling dogs reluctant to get groomed. We provide exclusive attention to each of our furbabies therefor cutting down the process time in half, reducing stress to promote happy and healthy behaviors. We strive to make every visit with our pet professionals thee very best service for your furbaby, every time. Make an appointment for your furbaby to get pampered today!

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Luz Torres


 I have been in the pet industry for over 11 years. Growing up I always had a passion for animals and their well being that stemmed from the heart. As a child my passion led me to care for almost every animal in the book from squirrels, to ducks, cats, and dogs. If it need love, attention and someone to care for it, I was there! My thirst for animal knowledge could not be sufficed. I began reading all the books I could get my hands on. As I grew older, I got my fist job as a kennel tech where my love for cats and dogs flourished. It wasn't long before I needed to have more of those cute furry faces so I decided to get a job as a bather in a grooming salon. Finally I found my calling, the perfect place for me was the grooming salon. I fell in love with how good I could make them feel and how happy they were afterwards. Furthering my education, I went to a grooming academy. I learned all I needed to know and became a professional salon safety certified groomer. Today I am the proud owner of a blessed and thriving pet grooming salon where our number one passion is to pamper your precious furbaby. Clips N' Snips has been open since July 2015. Thanks to the love and support of our precious furbabies, we out grew our first two locations quickly and now proudly reside at 51 Valley Rd in Clifton.  We have hand picked and fully trained our professional staff of bathers and groomers for the happiness and safety of your furbaby. Grooming is our passion, your furbabies happiness is our drive, and their well being is our priority. See you soon!



51 Valley Road, Clifton, NJ

(862) 239-1777



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